The National Ski Academy (NSA) is a non-profit registered charity established in 1986 to provide an environment for student athletes to maximize individual potential through the pursuit of alpine ski racing excellence, academic achievement and personal growth. In 2010 the NSA became a Ministry of Education inspected private school, granting high school credits in Grades 9  to 12.

Our home at 200 Oak Street in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada provides the facilities necessary for Canadian and international alpine athletes to pursue their ski racing dreams. The renovated 12,000 square foot Tornavene mansion offers classrooms, study hall, a gymnasium and weight room, tuning room, boarding for up to 35 student/athletes and a kitchen with a full time chef.

For 35 years, the NSA has offered integrated Academic/Fitness/Ski Racing programs with boarding as an option. These programs have helped to develop Ontario Team and National Team ski racers and many of the top coaches in the country.

In addition to elite ski racing programs, the NSA prides itself on its comprehensive academic programs and “education that travels”. NSA graduating students have achieved a combined average of 84% over the past five years and gained acceptance and scholarships into some of the top Canadian and US universities.


Why We’re Unique


The National Ski Academy’s mission is to “provide an environment for talented student athletes to maximize individual potential through the pursuit of alpine ski racing excellence, academic achievement and personal growth.”

Delivering on our vision is only possible through a holistic approach that caters to all the needs of young student/athletes.





Our holistic approach builds outward from individual student needs to address three core development areas; Academics, Fitness and Ski Racing. Our winter home in Collingwood and our summer home in Saas-Fee, Switzerland each provide the full breadth of facilities and professional coaches, teachers and trainers needed for our young student/athletes to prosper.

The NSA is the only high school credit granting ski academy in Canada that provides this holistic program for student athletes.


During my 4 years at NSA I made lifelong friendships, learnt to push myself physically and mentally, and developed really strong multi-tasking and self-motivation skills.  The coaches and staff at NSA were my family and were always there for me, when going through hard times or to celebrate the wins.

I am currently in my last year of university, at Babson College in Boston. At Babson, I am on the varsity ski team, competing in NCAA division III. Taking my ski racing into university has been a lot of fun and I occasionally get to see other NSA alumni which is awesome!

Upon graduation, I will be working at McKinsey in Boston, as a management consultant.


Tatum Alkier '14

Being at the National Ski Academy meant the world to me as a ski racer. I’m originally from Denmark where we don’t see a lot of snow and there are definitely no mountains. Therefore when I was going skiing I always had to take a week off school then two weeks back in school then a week off and so on. When you get to a certain age you can´t miss that much school, so I either had to quit skiing or move to a foreign country. Moving to a foreign country without my family and not knowing anyone was quite challenging but the National Ski Academy was the perfect fit. The combination of skiing and school is absolutely perfect. The bond you get with the other students and the support from the staff is something I will never forget. The National Ski Academy helped me grow not only as a racer and a student but as a person.


Emilie "Denmark" Danig '17

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