NSA Alumni

The National Ski Academy is very proud of our alumni and the success so many have achieved both on and off the hill over the past 30 years. From becoming National team members to NCAA championships to the Olympics, NSA alumni have reached the pinnacle of our sport and they have also made great achievements in other areas such as academics, business, and entertainment, just to name a few.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about our alumni and where they are today and, if you are an NSA alum, please let us know what you are up to whether on or off the hill.

National Alpine Ski/Ski Cross Team Members


Dave Duncan (’00)   – Current Canadian Skier Cross Team Member

Larisa Yurkiw (’04)  – Team Larisa Racing (retired)

Roni Remme (’14)  – Current Canadian Alpine Ski Team Member

Rudolfo Dickson Somers (’15) – Mexican Alpine Ski Team


Provincial Ski Team Members


Ben Hanson (’16) – Current Ontario Ski Team Member

Joe LaLiberte (’17) – Current Quebec Ski Team Member

University Team Members


Justin Alkier (’15) – Middlebury College

Tatum Alkier (’14) –
Babson College

Jackie Atkins (’15) – Middlebury College

Caroline Bartlett (’13) –
Middlebury College

Joey Young (’14) – University of Colorado 

Taylor Davies (’16) – McGill University

Victoria McFarlane (’16) – McGill University

Morgan Ross (’17) – McGill University

Griffin Copp (’17) -McGill University

Zach Mayne (’17) – McGill University

Sandra Gerlich (’13) – University of British Columbia

Katherine Greer (’16) – University of British Columbia

Lauren Hale (’15) – University of British Columbia

Michele Warner (’15) – University of British Columbia


Recent graduates post graduate choices