We have an amazing group of committed student athletes for the 2021-22 season in U16 and FIS, Grade 9 to 12 and ten graduates in the Class of 2022. The NSA family this year includes student athletes from Ontario, Quebec, Hong Kong, South Korea, Luxembourg and Spain.

Not only it was a big deal to let our daughter Alice, only 15 at the time, move from Geneva, Switzerland to Canada, but also to change her academic education from the bilingual International Baccalaureate to the Canadian high school diploma and add a huge element of skiing. NSA was definitely a perfect fit for Alice. The small classes and attentive staff allowed her to skip a grade after a week of attending classes (as the curriculum was different, she had already covered a lot of the Grade 10 classes), very accommodating. The training and races program is simply amazing: coaches, nutrition, fitness… We were very proud that Alice graduated from NSA, after 2 intense years, and with her excellent results managed to get in to Boston University.

Sandrine & Sean Park (Parents '16)

Geneva, Switzerland

For a young person passionate about skiing the National Ski Academy is the perfect environment academically, socially and athletically. The education that students receive at the Academy prepares them to reach their goals. A supportive environment surrounds the students. If someone needs extra help, a teacher or peer steps up and makes sure that no one is left behind.  Conversely, if an individual excels in an area, they are given tasks that encourage  more advanced learning. The culmination being a personalized academic plan. The education continues beyond the classroom.The support staff, coaches and fellow student-athletes round out a caring, close-knit community always encouraging the best version of each other.

Particularly evident in our experience was the individualized focus. The interplay and balance required to produce a successful student-athlete can only happen when the people behind the scenes go out of their way to meet specific needs.The NSA was able to coordinate a challenging Ontario Ski Team schedule with the final year of school. Plans were moving targets, and the school moved with them. The staff always made themselves wholly available, and the result was a successful navigation of university applications, final courses, and graduation!

Kari McAllindon (Parent '17)

Oakville, ON


The National Ski Academy was very accommodating and provided the perfect place to ski, workout and complete high school. With the help of everyone at the Academy, I was able to achieve my goals of skiing for the Ontario Ski Team, graduating with my friends and moving on to McGill’s Engineering program. My time at NSA effectively prepared me for a successful university experience and reinforced positive life skills that I will take with me as I move onto new challenges.

It was a great four years, and I would do it all again!

Griffin Copp '17

McGill University - Bio Engineering

Thanks to our Photographers

Renata Caughlin from Tempo Photography for our student head shots. Cam Powell from Sporting Life for taking pictures of the athletes in Saas Fee, Switzerland, Jeff MacInnis of Winthinking at the Snow Ball, Graduation and the year end barbeque and to Herman Koeslag from Eye in the Sky for the team photo.

Student Leadership Team

School Life
Lauren Sziklai & Kate MacGregor

Boarding Life
Lexi Sotiriadis

Service Leadership and Initiatives
Jack Luxton



U16 Athletes

Costello, Abby (Muskoka Ski Club)
Jones, Briar (Craigleith Ski Club)
Santos Perez, Juan Carlos (Spain)
Smith, Callum (Craigleith Ski Club)
Steinberg, Ashley (Craigleith Ski Club)

FIS Athletes
Brock, Taylor (Alpine Ski Club)
Denomme, Abigail (Devil’s Glen CC)
Donnelly, Madison (Craigleith Ski Club)
Hawtin, Elle (Alpine Ski Club)
Isbester, Isaac (Mont Tremblant)
Jedrzejewski, Aleks (Devil’s Glen CC)
Keghian, Joachim (Luxembourg)
Lee, Matthew (Hong Kong)
Leone, Beau (Georgian Peaks Ski Club)
Luxton, Jack (Georgian Peaks Ski Club)
MacGregor, Kate (Georgian Peaks Ski Club)
Metcalfe, Ryder (Osler Bluff Ski Club)
Micheli, Madeline (Beaver Valley Ski Club)
Olsen, Natasha (Craigleith Ski Club)
Park, Claire (South Korea)
Priboj, Emerson (Jozo Weider)
Pons, Lucas (Spain)
Robertson, Coco (Georgian Peaks Ski Club)
Rockandel, Jake (Craigleith Ski Club)
Sotiriadis, Lexi (Mont Tremblant)
Sziklai, Lauren (Georgian Peaks Ski Club)
Tapiero, Daniel (Mont Tremblant)
Valle Pluja, Pau (Spain)
Wilson, Max (Mansfield Ski Club)

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support!