The NSA athletic program continues to focus on cost effectively maximizing the individual potential of committed athletes to realize and sustain high levels of performance in alpine ski racing throughout their development and active racing career. A committed NSA athlete will train at the level best suited to realizing progress and sustaining results without any performance criteria to “remain on the team”.

The NSA HPDP also recognizes that the athletic component is not the only key to developing and retaining promising and committed athletes. This is reflected in the Academy’s initial mission statement and remains unchanged:

“Our mission is to provide an environment for talented student athletes to maximize individual potential through the pursuit of alpine ski racing excellence, academic achievement and personal growth.”

By incorporating program elements that integrate and address the broader needs of the athlete including academics, fitness, psychological training, and a home base that includes a gym and boarding, the Academy experience is designed to develop the whole person in a highly competitive and challenging environment.

There are several program options in Ontario for high performance alpine ski racing that are designed to prepare an athlete to qualify for national development status, including:

  • Club FIS and Regional FIS Programs
  • AOA Provincial Team Program
  • The NSA High Performance Development Program

While each of the above programs may share elements of the goal of advancing promising athletes to the national development level, there are clear differences in philosophy, experience, content and breadth of program, costs and results. The challenge for the aspiring high performance athlete is to choose the program that will deliver the best opportunity for that particular athlete to maximize and realize on his or her potential and to sustain performance.

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