U14 Program

Targeted to U14 student athletes who are motivated to:

  • Maintain high academic goals and strong performance during winter absences
  • Take advantage of individualized instruction from NSA professional coaching staff
  • Set and achieve personal performance goals
  • Train with a committed group of athletes
  • Prepare physically under a guided NSA fitness program


Academic Support for Grade 7 & 8 students includes:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the completion of a full elementary program through the student athlete’s local or out of district elementary school
  • Maintain supportive communication with parents and elementary school about progress, absences and responsibilities
  • Offer academic support in the form of regular supervised study sessions and coordination of work completion while at camps
  • Promote time management and study skill development as an integral part of the students’ program
  • Assist with arrangements for personal tutoring from subject specific specialists on an as needed basis (additional cost)


Injury Prevention and Conditioning Program:

  • Specific year round fitness programs, designed to develop the student athlete and address individual needs
  • Supervised conditioning and injury prevention sessions from August to June, Monday through Friday at the NSA and at all camps
  • Program includes biomechanical assessments delivered through affiliate associations
  • Fitness testing and tracking of student athletes, 4 times throughout the academic year, August, October, April and June. (attendance required)
  • Scheduled physical training during out of town races
  • Over 200 hours of fitness training


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