“Not only it was a big deal to let our daughter Alice, only 15 at the time, move from Geneva, Switzerland to Canada, but also to change her academic education from the bilingual International Baccalaureate to the Canadian high school diploma and add a huge element of skiing. NSA was definitely a perfect fit for Alice. The small classes and attentive staff allowed her to skip a grade after a week of attending classes (as the curriculum was different, she had already covered a lot of the Grade 10 classes), very accommodating. The training and races program is simply amazing: coaches, nutrition, fitness… We were very proud that Alice graduated from NSA, after 2 intense years, and with her excellent results managed to get in to Boston University.”

Sandrine and Sean Park

Geneva, Switzerland

Our daughter is extremely motivated to follow her ski racing dreams and NSA has been a fantastic experience from multiple perspectives.   She is physically strong, completely trusts her coaches and is well prepared for races.  The schedule is grueling for a teenager but she has learned to manage her study time, sleep, tuning, conditioning, packing, aches and pains as well as have a little fun at the same time.   We also love the small class sizes because the teachers are easily able to stay on top of academic progress.   The parents we have met are fun also:) !

Angela Gougeon & Michael Comeau

Grade 9/U16 Parents